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March 1, 2015

Dear Readers:

It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears but its done. Thriller number six is officially finished. And it has an official name, too: ALL THE LITTLE PIECES.

Pretty, sweet Faith Saunders lives a quiet, unassuming life that from the outside looking in, most people would find enviable. She is a loving wife, mom, sister, daughter. She owns a cupcake bakery with her best friend that is thriving, her handsome husband is a rising star at his law firm and they do well financially, and Faith herself is well respected in the small South Florida community in which she lives and works.

But Faith’s unassuming, enviable life is about to change.

Driving home from her sister’s late at night in the middle of a violent rainstorm with her four year old daughter asleep in the backseat, Faith makes a wrong turn and gets lost in the maze of rural roads that wind through the sugar cane fields of Central Florida. Mentally exhausted, running low on gas and missing her cell phone, she pulls over to wait for the worst of the storm to pass and unintentionally dozes off.

She awakens in a nightmare.

A distraught young woman is banging on her window for help. Behind her is a nefarious stranger dressed all in black. In a split second Faith must make a decision that will affect all their lives forever.

ALL THE LITTLE PIECES will be published in the summer of 2015. I’ll post definite dates as soon as I get them, as well as a couple of chapters.

I’d like to thank all of my fans for being so patient. I know it has been a long wait, but you’re in for a treat. As Bette Davis once famously and wickedly forewarned, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.”



P.S. As for my C.J. fans, I am planning on book number four in the series. I am currently at work on another stand-alone thriller right now, but will revisit C.J. after that.

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